Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dream Jobs | Winter Blog Challenge

From the time you were in elementary school until now, how many times have you been asked - in that strangely patronizing tone of voice - "So...what do you want to be when you grow up?"

Go ahead. Try and count. I'll wait.

It seems like the adults have this strange fascination with knowing what our career paths may look like, even if we're nowhere near the age where we are able to really think about it. 

Many kids may say things like: "Firefighter," "Veterinarian," and even "Superhero," - which is absolutely adorable. The beauty of children to choose such heroic professions has the power to bring a smile to the most forlorn face. 

However, as we grow and mature, we start thinking of things that seem realistic while also matching the interests that we develop. If you ask a teen this question, "What do you want to study?" and they might respond "Graphic Designer;" "Medical Doctor;" or "Psychologist."

Because as we mature, we begin to dream differently. Sure, some may still choose Superhero any day. But the computer nerd may dream of a profession in design. A person with the heart for others may dream of teaching. And a person with a phenomenal voice may dream of one day becoming a well-known singer.

A few weeks ago, I uploaded a video on this topic of choosing careers. Although it is quite silly and sarcastic, the basic elements are still there. The most important factor in making this decision for yourself is to take a step back and make sure you're really doing this for yourself and nobody else. In years time, the person who has to live with your decision is you. Do what you love, as opposed to what somebody else would love to see you do.

Dream big, and dream often. Remember that :)

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