Monday, February 17, 2014

My Collections | Winter Blog Challenge

Sometimes I obsess over seemingly everything. If you've ever visited my Pinterest page, you'll see that I clearly like way too many things, haha. Whether it's Batman, Disney Villains, Harry Potter, Sports teams, Beauty Products, or The Big Bang Theory, I'm all for obsessing - as long as it doesn't turn creepy or stalker-like...
( were saying?)

Back in the day, when I was on my caffeine craze, I collected Monster Energy EVERYTHING. Sometimes, I'd have a Mega Monster a day - if you're familiar with the Monsterverse (that's Monster + Universe), you'll know that those are quite the beverage - which I don’t condone trying, by the way. “Everything in moderation,” is what I say now. I even used to pride myself on being able to enter any setting and IMMEDIATELY, within seconds, be able to spot all the Monster logos within my entire range of sight.

But now, I’ve transformed my obsession to Batman. I have way more Batman items than I know what to do with. At the moment, they like to chill on random places around my room… Someone help me stop buying Batman things, please.

I’ve also been getting increasingly more interested in makeup. I like to learn as much as I can about different things, and my current interests have been makeup-related. I didn’t start wearing makeup (that wasn’t stray spots of foundation or concealer) until I was 19. Looking back, my teen life probably would have been extremely more productive if I had taken an interest much earlier. But I’m only talking about my own personal life. I understand that not everyone enjoys wearing makeup, or doesn’t wear makeup for personal reasons, and that’s perfectly fine. Many people, I find, look stunning without makeup, and I actually envy that a little.

Other than that, I collect CDs. I know they're pretty outdated (You're like "What's a CD??") but if I like an entire album by an artist, I'll go out and buy a physical copy as a keepsake.

Things I'd love to start collecting would probably run along the lines of Los Angeles Lakers & San Francisco 49ers merchandise and jerseys, Disney Villains, and probably clothes of all types.

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