Sunday, December 15, 2013

Under the Tree

There’s a girl who lives under a tree where the sunlight barely reaches but its warmth can still be felt. In this shadow under the tree, all the critters and crawlers take shelter from the sweltering rays and the children run to escape the rain. It’s a place where nobody stays, except her.

As she grew, she became part of the tree. She gave it life and, in return, received a life from her tree. The wind would whisper through the leaves in its own special way when the children came out to play. Years passed and she became a home to the animals that dashed and roamed about. She opened her heart to the father who built his sons a house on the sturdiest of her branches and she looked after them with no bother.

Then, one day when the sons had grown into families of their own, the boys looked out and remembered the tree that housed so many memories, unvisited and alone. Without another sound, they struck it down but only now to see. It freed the soul of the broken girl that lived under the tree. 

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