Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Holiday Season 2013

Merry Christmas. Hope everyone's had a wonderful Holiday season, but as you all know, it isn't quite over yet. Not until New years, anyways, and the semester starts back up again.

Over this little vacation time, I've kept busy while being extraordinarily lazy at the same exact time and have actually surprised myself with the things I've accomplished and fears I've overcome. Let's review some of the things I've been up to since my last update.

Backtracking to Thanksgiving in November (in the United States), I've taken my first trip out of town all by myself. I visited a friend in Berkeley, toured the incredibly gorgeous campus, popped off in San Francisco, and even fulfilled my lifelong dream (I'm exaggerating) of getting my upper ear pierced. This trip alone was an amazing, yet terrifying, experience - one that I will definitely have to make again!

After finals the second week of December, what did I immediately do but sign myself up with Netflix and proceed to spend the next week in the living room binge watching all my favorite shows. It was during that time when I decided to set up our, albeit fake, Christmas tree and decorate it. Cleaning up, I found a set of meltable Perler beads in a little box and decided to pick back up on an old pastime of mine - making things.

I began with a recreation of a Blink-182 album, then two British flags, surf boards, and a Hello Kitty for my cousins, and Garfield for my mother. It felt so good to be creative again, despite how time-consuming it might have been. It brought me back to who I am; what I was made to be. Refreshing.

And, by doing a little holiday shopping, I ended up buying some candles. After returning home, I discovered we didn't have any lighters around, so if I wanted to light the candles, I would have to do so the old-fashioned way: with a match. Since I have a long-standing fear of lighting matches, it took me a long while to build up the nerve to try it again - the previous two times I had lit a match, I ended up burning my fingers on the flame. After running through several failed attempts, I finally was able to light one and, very slowly, I'm getting over this little fear of mine.

So, whoever says holidays aren't great times for renewal might need to take some time for self-reflection themselves.

If you've had a good holiday season or have had similar experiences, feel free to share them!

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