Friday, November 1, 2013

November Blog Challenge

Hello, there; it's now the start of November! The light of summer has now faded along the horizon like the remains of a glowing sunset, and now we transition into Autumn. It's now a brand new month and we're (excuse my pun) turning over a new leaf. So with this new beginning, I'm so happy to finally have an excuse to kick my butt back into blogging every day. I really miss having an excuse to get on my computer and write things that I want to write, so here we go with another blog challenge!

Just like my previous two challenges: the 30 Day Blog Challenge and the YouTuber Blog Challenge, I've uploaded a Challenge Guide listing all the blog topics this month onto my Pinterest board - feel free to follow that board. BUT, something I'm doing differently this time is that I will now include a link list at the end of this blog that I'll update every day as I complete each challenge.

Okay, now let's get started!

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Until next time 
- Kristazzi

November Blog Challenge

[To Be Continued...2014]

16. Proudest Moment
17. Meaning Behind My Blog Name
18. My Collections
19. Difficult Time in My Life
20. Fave Foods
21. Best Thing That Happened This Year
22. Dream Job
23. Fave Childhood Book
24. Fave Blogs and Why
25. Old Photo of Me
26. Note to Someone
27. What I Look Forward To
28. Places I've Travelled
29. What's in My Makeup Bag
30. Why I Blog

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  1. Hi there, your November challenge is just what I was looking for. I've had a blog for about 'ever' and I still only write on it a few times a year. So I'm hoping to follow your challenge daily to create a habit.