Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 8 - Worst Habits | Nov. Blog Challenge

If you don't know what my November Blog Challenge is, read this first.

Everybody has those little things they do that they probably shouldn't. For some, it's biting their nails; for others, it's saying "um" and "like" way too frequently while they talk. We all know too well how these little bad habits go. Today's challenge, however, is apparently our worst habits. Take all the little individual bad things you do and figure out which ones are the worst of them all. 

For me, that's a tough one, mostly because I have so many little bad habits that it's nearly impossible to pick a couple to represent my worst habits. But, as I'm trying to type this, I'm doing one of my really bad habits already so maybe this won't be hard after all.

So what am I talking about here? I mentioned this in a video on my Kris Vlogz channel on YouTube, but a frequent bad habit of mine is picking and messing with my nail cuticles.
This habit probably started two or so years ago and hasn't let up yet. I have no idea how I began doing this at all. Does anyone else do this? I feel like I'm the only one.

The next, and probably one that the majority of people can identify with is procrastination - like putting off writing these posts on time, for instance. Why is it that when you have a ton of homework due, essays to write, tiles on the ceiling to count (the usual) everything else seems so much more appealing? It's as if every fiber of your being is aware that you have 50 million things due, yet you can't seem to do anything except watch one more video (okay, maybe thirteen more), or play one more hour of that video game (well, maybe seven more hours), or nap for 30 more minutes (all right, make that five hours). Even staring at a blank wall seems more appealing than starting that homework. However, there's practically no better feeling than having everything completed. I mean, then there's more time to get caught up on all those [two] videos you missed while outlining that scene in Macbeth. 

If you can relate or have some habits you do that you probably shouldn't, I'd love to hear about it!

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