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Day 6 - Pet Peeves | Nov. Blog Challenge

If you don't know what my November Blog Challenge is, read this first.

I know that I've already written a post about my pet peeves when I attempted the 30 Day Blog Challenge, but since then I've developed a whole other set of pet peeves that I'm sure you can relate to as well.

1. The first one is when people tell you that you're going to "do just fine" on an assignment or a test when you express concern that you clearly don't think you are.
I'm aware that I do this constantly when people say they think they're going to fail their tests because it seems like the polite thing to say, but really we should be saying things like "Well, I hope you don't fail it" and "good luck" instead. Telling people they're going to do fine: 1) irritates people to no end (They're aware of how ill prepared they are, and they're expressing genuine concern. The last thing they want to hear is some statement that shoves their worries under the rug like it's insignificant) and 2) is pretty much a lie (There's no way we'll know in advance how well the other person will do so we shouldn't pretend to. It's only polite).
2. People who drive way below speed limit irritate the living daylights out of me. If you're a frequent driver or if you've sat in the passenger seat enough and pay attention, you'll notice that there are some people who just can't quite get the speed limit thing down. I don't care if they're old, a new driver, or someone who's been driving their entire life, DON'T DRIVE 15 MILES UNDER THE SPEED LIMIT WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE TO. That sentiment could have been expressed easily without all caps, but I feel like I need to over-compensate for how slow these people drive.

3. This last pet peeve is kind of split into two parts. The first is people who don't take things seriously when things should be taken seriously. You know these people, they take every single thing as a joke and nothing seems to be serious to them. They're either the jokesters or the overly peaceful/happy people where everything is amazing and good and nothing phases them. Having conversations with these people is like talking to a sunflower: you might walk away dazed and confused, but at least you know they're probably glowingly happy like sunshine. (Gross. Makes me sick to my stomach.)

The second part is people who take everything too seriously. I might be guilty of this from time to time, but these people still get on my nerves - no matter how hypocritical that sounds. I'm sure you've run into these people as well. You might identify them as your mother, father, clingy friend, or overly-attached girlfriend. They take situations and make them worse by overreacting. These people cannot take a joke. It's almost as if they have no soul - that's how serious they are all. of. the. time.

That's all for my pet peeves this time. If you have any that really get to you and feel like sharing in my frustrations, feel free to leave them in the comments!

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