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Day 3 - Love Languages | Nov. Blog Challenge

If you don't know what my November Blog Challenge is, read this first.

There are probably a number of different ways to win my heart, and there's a chance that over half of them involve caffeine of some sort. Every time someone surprises me with coffee, my day is just instantly made. But, I've been thinking about this post, and decided that this would be a great opportunity to talk briefly about "love languages" and which ones I tend to fall under. If you feel like taking 10 minutes out of your day to find out what your love language is, I provided a link for you to take the questionnaire.

I mentioned in my first November Blog Challenge post that my two dominant love languages are Quality Time and Acts of Service. To sum it up, I find spending quality time with friends and family and find that when people help me with a project or a chore that I need finished slightly more meaningful than the other three love languages: Words of Affirmation, Gifts, and Physical Touch.

To me, quality time is quite self-explanatory: I like spending one-on-one time with the people closest to me because it's in those moments when I feel the most cared for. I tend to like hanging out with people in smaller groups because it feels more intimate and I have the most fun when I can divide my attention evenly among two or three people, or pay all my attention to one person. I tend to gravitate towards the coffee shop scene (surprise, surprise) and like to stay away from crowded areas - though not all the time - when spending time with people.

The other love language I fall under, Acts of Service, I feel should be on a lower level than Quality Time. I'm mostly an independent person - I like keeping to myself while working on projects or assignments, but not because I don't want someone else's help. Usually, it's because I feel like it would be more efficient for me to handle the task alone. However, when I do get an offer and don't turn it down, I find that having that extra help makes me feel especially cared for. When people take an interest in my interests, I tend to pay more attention, haha. Other things that come to mind that could fall under Acts of Service are like holding the door for me, since I try to be courteous and hold the door for others when I can, or going out of their way - no matter how slightly out of their way it may be - to do me a favor.

For descriptions of the other love languages, be sure to see the link I've provided.

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