Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 2 - Favorite Quote | Nov. Blog Challenge

If you don't know what my November Blog Challenge is, read this first.

My favorite quote, and one that's stuck with me for quite some time is this: "Decide how you want to live your life: happy or sad. And if you put sadness in the world, that's what you get back." - Avan Jogia

I came across this video interview with Avan Jogia back when the show Victorious was still on Nickelodeon - yes, I swatch those still, sometimes - and for some reason, those words just stuck with me.

I think it's so true, though. Avan Jogia, a member of one of my favorite organizations called SBNN (Straight But Not Narrow), is a pretty wise young man. This quote says (to me) that oftentimes we can decide what mood to be in or how we will take a certain situation. Now, I'm not saying this is true ALL the time, because depression is real and it's really serious. But if we're not depressed, then think about it.

We can choose to live our lives positively - for the most part. We can allow ourselves to be happy and have low-stress days. Or, we could be miserable all the time, go to bed and wake up stressed, and have a terrible time. Many times, it's all about choices.

I am also a big believer in the idea of Karma, namely that the energy that you put out in the world is what you're going to get back. So, if you're a terrible person, that's going to catch up with you one day (in any way it might) and bite you in the ass. Maybe it's not the "forces of nature" that end up getting you, but your bad actions will place you in a bad situation where you're going to have to deal with the consequences of your own actions. I know this concept very well from first-hand experience, which is also part of the reason why I started my Life Plus blog, as a way of putting some good energy out in the world.

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