Monday, October 28, 2013

Quiet Moments

Recently, I was asked if I wrote poetry. While I haven't written anything for a little while, I managed to find a few things that I scribbled out. As I find more things, I'll consider posting those as well.

I have such respect for poets. One poet, Shane Koyczan, whom I discovered through Tumblr, was so inspiring that I had to share it on practically every social media site that I could. I'll also make a separate post dedicated to it.

But before I get to that, I want to share a piece that I found in my collection that kinda stands out to me. This one is called:

Quiet Moments

"It's the quiet moments
When you look at me with
That glint in your eyes I've
Never seen in anyone
Else before ... It's times like
These that make me want to cry.

Because stolen glances
Give all the answers to
Every question I've ever had.

They say you don't care
And you care too much.
That you see everything I ever was
And want to be a part
Of everything I will be.
It's in these quiet
Moments that my heart breaks
And the world falls away.
I avert my gaze and
Remember that quiet moments fade."

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Until next time 
- Kristazzi

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