Friday, October 11, 2013

A Tribute to Cory Monteith

Thank you, Cory, for all you've inspired us to do.

From the very first second of the Glee tribute to Cory Monteith and his character, Finn Hudson, I was in tears. From all the memories each character shared, to Finn's letterman jacket passed from person to person as a reminder of the impact he left on their lives, to every song they sung in his memory, this tribute didn't allow me enough time to finish sobbing.
Here, I live-tweeted all the feels I had during the episode.

Scrolling through my tumblr, I came across several fan tributes to this wonderful man, thanking him for his incredible inspiration. Although I didn't always watch Glee, when I did, I always took a liking to Finn. This character was a great friend to everyone, so kind, and so loving, and from how everyone talked about Cory, I expect he was not unlike Finn. So as I scrolled through the tumblr tributes, I decided to leave my own little farewell:
"I cried for the loss of a wonderful person, a great character, and for those closest to him who undoubtably miss him every moment of every day. The people crying their hearts out tonight on Glee weren’t just characters; they were real people facing real emotions. They brought this tribute to Cory to life and brought us impossibly closer to the person who’s blessed our lives over the years. He will be very dearly missed."
On this episode, they brought to light the little dash between the year of one's birth and death - that little line that represents one's entire life. Cory has accomplished so much in that brief line. He's inspired the lives of so many people to do so many good things. He's lived a very good line - a very good life. And just like countless other people, the impact he's left on my life will always be cherished.

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