Friday, September 6, 2013

♥ Daydreamin' ♥

"Cuz I'm daydreamin' with my chin in the palm of my hands about you, you, and lovin' you..."

If you're an Ariana Grande fan, you'll surely recognize the lyrics of her song Daydreamin' that was recently released on her first ever album, Yours Truly. However, if you watched her livestreams, you'll also know that Ariana liked to leak certain bits of this album while chatting with her viewers. And during a certain livestream, she leaked the entire song, Daydreamin'! Since then, I totally fell in love. I'm hooked.

Yes, I'm absolutely gushing over Ariana's incredible talents, but as the first person I followed on Twitter (when I first got into pop culture), I think I'm allowed to, haha.

I don't know what it is about this song that makes me smile, no matter what. Something about it makes me happy and want to sing along to it. The vibe of not only this song, but the entire album is cute, fun, flirty, and happy. It's like the perfect thing I've been waiting for my entire life. Not gonna lie, I've been waiting for this album to drop so that I could have this one song in particular, and now I am one happy chickadee. A year and half ago, even, I saved a $20 bill specifically to buy Ariana's first ever album and here I am with Yours Truly and $10 to spare. Can we say "Perfection?"

So I'll be here, daydreamin' with ALL the feels of this incredible album. If you haven't heard the majority of the songs off Yours Truly, I'd definitely recommend you check them out. They're cute and bubbly and fantastic. Needless to say, this has made my week the best week I've had yet, haha.

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I'll be
(as originally posted on Ariana's instagram:)

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