Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 19 - YouTuber Crush | The YouTuber Challenge know the most exciting question had to be one of the last in this YouTuber challenge, haha. It's great. I was partly anticipating this one but, at the same time, not really. Mostly because there are so many. How is it possible to pick one? impossible as this is, I'll pick two.

1. As if it wasn't obvious in my previous post, I have total respect and admiration for the one and only Hannah Hart of channels MyHarto and YourHarto. All of the advice she gives, all the laughs her jokes elicit, and all the community service she does is completely crush-worthy. She seems like an overall great person. Plus...
who doesn't like someone in a carrot onesie? :)

2. If it weren't for his comedy, it'd be for Tim Helbig's quick wit. Although his demeanor somewhat mirrors that of Grace Helbig, there's something about Tim's personality that's unthinkably and differently comedic. Every one of his videos leaves me laughing til my sides hurt - he just says things you wouldn't expect. And, like Hannah, he seems like a great, highly respectable person. If you're in need of a good laugh, definitely click over to his channel Tim Will Destroy You and watch any one of his videos. Personally, I'd recommend his 2 Minute Greatest Stories.

Watch for the last post: Day 20 - Best Personality

You can find the YouTuber Challenge list by clicking the link.

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- Kristazzi

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