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Day 18 - Inspirational YouTubers | The YouTuber Challenge

As a whole, I think YouTube is divided into a few different sections that hardly ever intersect: Comedy, Beauty, Gaming, Drinking, How-Tos, Life Talk, Sports, News, Pop Culture, and (Insert Topic Here) Culture. I can probably take most of my subscriptions list and separate them out like someone could do with the different colored skittles or M&Ms.

There are only a few YouTubers, in my opinion, who can successfully coexist in multiple categories and the one that sticks out in my mind is Hannah Hart. Throughout my short-lived time on YouTube, I've never been more inspired by any other YouTuber than Hannah.

Now, I'll let you in on a little secret of mine. I hate to admit it, but I didn't always like Hannah Hart, or many of the other YouTubers that I'm subscribed to, for that matter. My life has consistently gone this way: if I start out liking something, I'll probably end up disliking it in the end; but if I start out disliking something or not really having any sort of opinion about it, I'll probably end up completely changing my mind and having a totally great opinion of it.

The first My Drunk Kitchen episode that I watched was actually Hannah's first ever episode released. I first caught it by accident when I was browsing YouTube at a friend's house and then I caught it again a little more than a year ago and my entire thought process while watching it was: "Okayyy...What the literal #*%! just happened?"

Fast forward a few weeks and I ended up finding more and more of her MDK episodes. The more I watched, the more I realized that it's more than just a person getting drunk and attempting to cook things. Hannah may make awful puns (and by "awful" I mean the most fantastic) and get drunk at times (and by "at times" I mean all of the times), but she cares. She gives life advice, she encourages her audience to always be authentically themselves, and she seems legitimately humble and gracious about her successes.

Fast forward again to earlier this year where she and a group of close friends took a tour across the United States which she cleverly named Hello, Harto. We got to see yet another side of her than we've seen before as she set up a travel show to accompany her Drunk Kitchen episodes...

...and hosted meetups while doing community service. If there was ever a question of whether or not Hannah's a good humanitarian this seals the deal for sure. (Has this been all the feels yet? I think it's been more than all the feels...
...But, I mean, how do you not love someone in a carrot onesie? Impossible.)

Although Hannah is the YouTuber I admire the most, she's closely followed by Arielle Scarcella of GirlfriendsTV and Project Toasty and Zoe Sugg of Zoella. All three of these YouTubers inspire me to not only be a more positive and content person, but also to get out of my own comfort zone and take on more challenges and responsibilities in my life. The following are some of Zoe's videos that have particularly inspired me:

I hope you can take some time to watch these videos. They've helped me out so much; I'm so grateful that I found this little gem of a YouTuber when I did and subscribed. Check out the links I provided of Hannah's travel show and more!

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