Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 5 - A HEL-of-a-BIG Takeover | The YouTuber Challenge

Are the best YouTubers the ones who've been around for 6 or 7 years? I think most are. The people who've had years and years of experience have grown and changed with their channels; they've listened to feedback and come up with brilliant new ideas. But that kind of "wisdom," in a sense, really can only come with having worked on their channels and improved them over several years. This is why most new YouTubers don't become successful, at least not immediately.

Today, I will share with you two YouTubers who always make me laugh. Even though the prompt only asked for one, I really couldn't just pick one. There are so many YouTubers who always make me laugh, that even picking two was a challenge. While I've mentioned other comedic YouTubers in a previous post (Favorite Funny Vids), I figured it's understood in this post that I like them. So today, I'll talk about some YouTubers who I haven't already featured in a previous post.

Grace Helbig (It's Grace)
Creator of the #GICHAGT (Girl in Car Having A Good Time) on Instagram, Grace Helbig  never fails to deliver the funnies. She uploads "Daily" vids, meaning Monday to Friday (come on, everyone needs a break). Her routine might be different than it used to be, but we're all enjoying this figuring-things-out process quite a bit. Grace is making her way to the top YouTubers. With over 1M subscribers and collabs with other YouTubers, she is the epitome of a "growing" content creator.

Coincidentally, I also picked Tim Helbig (TimWillDestroyYou), Grace Helbig's younger brother, as another YouTuber who always makes me laugh. There hasn't been a single video of his that hasn't left me rolling on the floor, laughing until my sides hurt. He does have the same type of humor that Grace has, but somehow it's different with Tim. His punch lines are obscure but they're definitely hilarious.

Tim posts a video on his channel every Tuesday. Sometimes he'll upload a "2-Minute Greatest Story" video, a little anecdote about something that happened to him, which he takes longer than 2 minutes to tell. He's recently uploaded a couple "Anagramming / Programming" videos, where he showcases his talent in programming. And, if we're lucky, he'll post a Tim Rant - a rant about something that randomly annoys him.

I never miss any of Tim's videos. Every Tuesday I scroll through my subscriptions eagerly awaiting seeing his newest upload, haha. Some of my favorites so far include: Movie PitchesHarry Potter Filibuster; Ubbi Dubbi; and Anagrammin' Your Comments & Anagrammin' Your Comments 2.
If there's ever a YouTuber that I think is underrated, it's Tim Helbig for sure.

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