Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 14 - YouTuber You Best Relate To - The YouTuber Challenge

Out of all the YouTubers who I can sort of relate to, I'd probably say that I can most relate to Ingrid Nilsen from MissGlamorazzi. Although she's a fashion/beauty vlogger, I think we share a lot of the same likes and interests. I think this is why I trust so many of her beauty, cosmetics, and fashion tips...haha.

One of my favorite videos that Ingrid has uploaded has been her GIY (Glam It Yourself) Wrap Bracelets. I think she filmed it artfully and it shows a more crafty side of her than her typical beauty videos.

Some more recent videos of hers that I love are 1) Back To School Essentials, 2) Show and Tell (with Tyler Oakley), 3) July Favorites 2013 [when she mentions that she likes this band called The Neighbourhood, I flipped the flip out because I've been listening to their album "I Love You" non-stop, haha] and ... 4) the one that I could relate to the most, her 50 Random Facts About Me video!

And, like the other YouTubers I've mentioned throughout this challenge, I'm such a fan of her instagram, @thegridmonster
And can we just talk about her cheeky little cat, Nugget, who makes a guest appearance every once in a while?

Watch for the next post: Day 15 - YouTuber Photo Bomb

You can find the YouTuber Challenge list by clicking the link.

Until tomorrow
- Kristazzi

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