Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 13 - Freaky [YouTuber] Friday? - The YouTuber Challenge

One of the best memories I have is when I was about 10 years old and my mom decided to take me to the movie theater to see Freaky Friday. I didn't usually get to go to the movies, so this was a real treat for me! We sat there for a good hour and half in the nearly-empty theater, laughing, crying, and enjoying watching Jamie Lee Curtis and young Lindsay Lohan (on-screen mother and daughter) "swap bodies" with each other and spend the majority of the movie being each other. Once the movie was over, it got me thinking, "What if, by some chance, I ended up swapping bodies with someone else? Would I like being another person for a period of time?"

Today's blog challenge asks which YouTuber we'd like to swap bodies with and, not gonna lie, this isn't exactly an easy question. I mean, would I just getting a different body? Would I magically be transported to their life? Weird questions, I know, but it kinda makes a difference...haha.

Maybe I'd like to look a little like Zoe (Zoella). I know she says she hates how skinny she is, but I've never once in my life been skinny. I've been thin and somewhat fit at one point, but definitely not skinny. So I'd like to know what all the fuss is about. And, to be honest, I really love her hair. How she gets it to be so flawless, I'll never know, despite her "How To: Quick and Easy Hairstyles" video.

Or maybe I'd like to be Tanya Burr, one of the most fantastic makeup artists I've seen on YouTube. Her skin always looks flawless and she's super talented. Her job at Daily Mix also looks really cool, and I'd love to know what it's like to have so many skills, at least for one day, haha.

Honestly, I could go on about a bunch of different YouTubers I'd love to swap bodies (and lives) with and why: Fleur de Force, Ingrid Nilsen (MissGlamorazzi) , Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter), etc... but then this post would be way too long.

Leave me a comment, who would you swap bodies with and why?

Watch for the next post: Day 14 - YouTuber You Best Relate To

You can find the YouTuber Challenge list by clicking the link.

Until tomorrow
- Kristazzi

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