Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 11 - I Wanna Meet... | The YouTuber Challenge

This question isn't easy... which YouTuber would I most want to meet? If you've read yesterday's post, you'll know that I haven't met any YouTubers at all (at least not that I'm aware of) so, really, I'd like to meet all of them, haha...

My answer for YouTuber I'd like to meet the most is constantly changing. Sometimes, my answer changes weekly. Right now, though, I think I'd say Hannah Hart from YouTube's My Drunk Kitchen (MyHarto and YourHarto). Despite doing a drunk YouTube show - that's absolutely hilarious, by the way - I admire Hannah's general knowledge and positive thinking. On her travel show "Hello, Harto," she paired filming and traveling with volunteer work as her meetups. Much like Ellen, Hannah is a model humanitarian and I think it'd be a great honor to meet her one day.

Which YouTuber do you most want to meet? Let me know!

Watch for the next post: Day 12 - Biggest Directioner?

You can find the YouTuber Challenge list by clicking the link.

Until tomorrow
- Kristazzi

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