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Summer Movies - A Review

Now that I've completed the 30 Day Blog Challenge, I now get to post whatever I want to post. So I decided that today I'd review some of the movies I've seen so far this summer. These are only based on my thoughts and opinions - take them or leave them.

I'll start out with the movie title, my own non-professional rating out of 5 (1 meaning I thought I wasted both money and time and 5 meaning I would see it five more times). At the end, I'll have two bonus reviews of movies I saw at the premier.

Let's begin.

Despicable Me 2
I love this movie! It's so cute, just like the first Despicable Me. In a previous post, "Despicable Me," I gave a full review of exactly how much I loved the first movie so if you want to read that, just click on the link and it'll take you there. This movie, however, was surprisingly good. Whenever I go see a sequel, I walk in expecting something sub-par at best; most sequels don't even compare to the original movie. While I don't think this movie was quite as epic as the first, I still loved it enough to go back and see it twice. I appreciated how the writers actually created a solid story line and managed to make it equal parts interesting, funny, and cute. This is definitely a movie for all ages, and a movie that I'll be purchasing for sure.

Now You See Me 
I read the plot summary before going to see this movie, and I'll admit, I wasn't very interested. Then my cousins told me about how awesome this movie is, even gave me plot spoilers, and I still wasn't too interested. However, a friend of mine was persistent in getting me to hang out and see this movie, so I thought, "Eh..what's the harm?" and headed out to see it. Oh. My. Goodness. This movie rocks. I was hooked from the very beginning til the very end. These four magicians, called the 4 Horsemen, embark on a journey laid out for them by a mysterious fifth magician. They act like modern-day Robin Hoods, bringing justice where justice is due. I saw this movie two times, but if I didn't go back for the plot, I went for the magic tricks. The tricks and illusions they portray in this movie are practically mind-blowing. Then they reveal their secrets and that's even more mind-blowing and, in some parts, hilarious.

The Heat 
There has never been a movie where I've remembered so many lines from it after watching it once - no, not even Mean Girls! Yes, this movie contains a lot of profanity (particularly by Melissa McCarthy's character Detective Mullins), and it's hilarious! Sandra Bullock's character, Detective Ashburn, is a snobby, unknowingly snobby, put-together FBI agent who nobody seems to like gets transferred to the Boston Police Department where she teams up with Detective Mullins to take down a drug lord. This badass movie pokes fun at different stereotypes as Ashburn breaks out of her uptight shell, as well as her spanx. There is a point towards the 3/4 mark where it gets a little slow, but other than that, this movie rocks. It's by far one of the best summer movies yet.

This Is The End 
I almost forgot that I had seen this movie. It was good. Not great, but good. The profanity wasn't a problem for me. Profanity is rarely ever a problem for me. But there's only so much crude humor that I can take before I'm checking my phone to see how much longer I'll have to endure a movie. And by that, I mean I can sit through a lot of crudeness, but this movie felt a little excessive for some reason. There were several funny parts to the movie, as it was written by comedians who played themselves who endure an apocalyptic / end-of-the-world / rapture - type situation. I'd probably say that my favorite part is when Emma Watson comes barging through the men's barricades in search of a place to hide from the savage world outside. This movie, though not the worst I've seen this summer, was definitely an I'll-only-see-this-once thing.

Pacific Rim 
Now, I know that so many people love this movie almost more than life itself. Most of my friends have been raving about the utter epicness that this movie brings to the world. I, however, don't agree. I didn't find this movie very exciting at all. I walked into the theater with high-hopes from the good reviews my friends had given me, but I found myself bored throughout. I kept expecting it to get more interesting, but it just got differently boring and I'm sad that I spent any money at all to see it. Set in a futuristic world where aliens, called Kaiju, start taking over the world, humans begin fighting back with gigantic robots called Jaegers. Since a single-person cannot operate a Jaeger alone (for reasons that seem to exist only to give this movie any sort of a plot), two humans must join minds in order to fight the Kaiju. So, we're already at a disadvantage if it takes two to destroy one - and not even very well. To me, it seemed like everything that happened was only because the plot line called for it and there were so many slow parts to it. I even started texting people by the middle of the movie - something I hate when people do - because I was so bored. The graphics were great, but other than that, I didn't particularly like this one. Remember that this is just my take on the movie. You may love the movie for the same reasons that I disliked it, and that's perfectly ok. This is just my opinion so I'm sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings.

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For as many times as I've been to the movies recently, I have never been to a premier of any movie until this summer. The first movie I saw at a premier was The Conjuring and within a week, I saw the premier of The Wolverine. Here are my reviews of the two in this bonus section. Hope you enjoy! 

The Conjuring 
As much as I like paranormal movies / horror flicks, I have never actually seen one in a movie theater before The Conjuring. Usually, I'll go over to a friend's house, my cousins' house, or watch them at my own house. But being in the theater with so many other people, all reacting to the same things that jumped out at us, was a good part of the thrill. Now, most of the time I find paranormal / horror flicks laughable but this one is truly laced with horror. This movie brings the unexpected, successfully utilizes suspense, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. For horror movies, this one ranks at the top of my list for effects, story line, creativity, and scariness.

The Wolverine 

This was slightly less amazing as I hoped. I feel like the trailer is more exciting than the actual movie. For instance, when Yukio takes out a sword in the bar and appears to just flash it around, but then all of a sudden, everything splits in half ... that scene was more epic in the preview. As most scenes were. The parts of the movie that were actually action-based were pretty epic, I won't discredit that. But the slow parts were reeeaallly slow. However, if you end up seeing it, remember to stay for the credits because that alone was almost worth the entire ticket price. Overall, this movie wasn't bad. It could have done without the Hollywood romance between Logan and Mariko. That might have made the movie better, in my opinion. But see it for yourself! You might agree with me on some of my opinions and you might not.

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  1. You're breaking my heart with your Pacific rim review! Everything else sounds about right. Still haven't seen the conjuring. I must though!