Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 7 - Fave Childhood Toy | 30 Day Blog Challenge

Today's blog post is a pretty nostalgic one: "What was your favorite childhood toy(s)."

According to my mother, my favorite toy when I was growing up is this stuffed puppy that I cleverly named MyTy. Yes, it sounds like the alcoholic beverage Mai Tai, and yes, I spelled it differently. To be honest, I have no recollection of ever naming this toy, but I apparently stole the name from my uncle's dog at the time.

Now, growing up, I was never allowed to have any "big-girl pets," as I call them (which, really, are dogs or cats or other animals that require quite a bit more care than a beta fish or a guinea pig) so naturally, I took this dog everywhere I went. I dragged her across the floor, pretending that she was following me around, I chewed up her ears, and I would never go to sleep without her by my side. MyTy and I were inseparable to the point where my mother was afraid that one day I would wear her out so much that she would just fall apart and I would have a huge fit about it. So, she decided to go out and buy me one more of the same exact stuffed dog.

About five years ago, I found this one hiding in the closet somewhere and, in honor of my precious MyTy, decided to name her Bow Tie... Clever, I know.

Here, you can see what MyTy would have looked like had she not had to go through the wash as many times as she did.

I now cherish both of them equally: MyTy for the companionship in my early years, and Bow Tie for being a great, supportive twin sister.

That's it for today's blog post, but I want to ask you: what were your favorite childhood toys and what made them so special to you?

As always, you can find the 30 Day Blog Challenge list by clicking the link.

Until tomorrow
- Kristazzi

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