Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 30 - Goals | 30 Day Blog Challenge

Today is the last day of the 30 Day Blog Challenge. I know that I started off this challenge feeling inspired and in so many ways, I still am. I know I've missed a few days and had to double-post (or in this case, triple-post) on some days. Nonetheless, I'm concluding this blog challenge on the day that I had hoped.

This final post is about my goals for the next 30 days: new beginnings that I hope to see, if you will. And I actually have some good goals that I'll list for you in no particular order here:

  • Look into Universities to apply to, particularly ones that accept students in the Spring semester.
  • Actually apply to these Universities
  • Post things to my blog that isn't challenge-related
  • Do something special for my birthday
  • Catch some movies with friends of mine
  • Have a good goodbye dinner for one of my good friends who's transferring to a University
  • Take on new opportunities - whatever they may be
  • Read books of a genre that I wouldn't usually pick out for myself
  • Start the Harry Potter 30 Day Challenge on Aug. 1
  • Start writing a story series that's been on my mind for a while
  • Start my last semester (hopefully) at my community college
  • Finish the Hunger Games Trilogy

You can find the 30 Day Blog Challenge list by clicking the link.

Until next time
- Kristazzi

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