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Day 21 | Pretty Little TV Shows | 30 Day Blog Challenge

Today's topic is to discuss one of our favorite TV shows. At this moment, I'm following so many TV shows and have quite a few favorites that I thought I'd start out by listing all the shows that I've been enjoying, then highlighting a few of my absolute favorites.

  1. Doctor Who
  2. The Mentalist
  3. Castle
  4. Royal Pains
  5. Burn Notice
  6. Necessary Roughness
  7. Rizzoli & Isles
  8. Suits
  9. Lost Girl
  10. Big Bang Theory
  11. Baby Daddy
  12. Switched At Birth
  13. Pretty Little Liars
  14. The Fosters
  15. Twisted
It's no coincidence that all the shows I'm going to review for you are from ABC Family; I am kind of biased towards them. So, let's get on to discussing my favorite shows. If you've seen them or are interested in them, leave me a comment letting me know!

Switched At Birth
Although I've been a fan of this show since its first season, I do have some mixed feelings and opinions about it. Of course, I thought the first few episodes were amazing. The writers wasted no time in getting into the misconceptions about the Deaf community and some of the stereotypical things that can happen when Deaf children who prefer to sign meet hearing people (or in this case, when Daphne meets her biological parents) who know absolutely nothing about signing or the Deaf community.
One of the issues that I've had with the show in the long run is that Daphne and Bay's parents still haven't improved their signing much, and it's obvious that they, as actors, were only trained to mimic individual signs for words instead of learning any type of ASL structure. Although I understand that for Deaf children to have parents who are willing to learn sign language at all is pretty rare, for the amount of conversing Daphne and her parents do in sign language, you'd think they'd improve a little since the first season and pick up some of the linguistic structure.

The thing I've enjoyed about this show is that I started learning sign language before this show first aired. The first episode actually came out during my first semester of taking ASL. I was really thrilled about having some of the characters on the show learning some of the signs that I was learning or noticing when one of the characters would get a parameter wrong on a sign. Overall, I believe this show has opened the eyes of a huge audience in America to the Deaf world. There's no better way to erase ignorance than producing a show like this.

Pretty Little Liars
I would be lying if I said I had been following this show since the first season. I had heard of this show, though no one ever explained the plot to me, and decided that it was probably too dramatic for my tastes. I only ever saw that it was on TV a couple times, and even then, I felt like there was something better to watch.
One night, though, I flipped through the channels and saw that Twisted, another ABC Family show that I'll be reviewing in a bit, was to premier later on, but first was Pretty Little Liars. I thought, what the heck, just give it a try. That episode was basically a re-cap of the previous seasons, showing clips of the major things that had happened with Mona's narration, and from that point I was hooked. 
The story line is what interested me the most. These four girls - Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily - band together once they discover that they're all being personally attacked by this unknown, mysterious person called "A." After this girl, Allison, goes missing then supposedly dies, they go through several adventures as they look for clues about who this "A" really is. At one point, they start to think that maybe Allison isn't really dead after all. This season, we're getting closer than ever at discovering "A's" true identity, and each episode leaves you wanting to know more and more. I have to say that I'll be sad once this show is over and I really wish I had been a fan since the very first season.

The Fosters
I'm pleasantly surprised that ABC Family went all out and made a show about a not-so-"traditional" family. This family, consisting of two moms, a son from a previous marriage, and adopted twins, decides to take on two more foster children, and they didn't wait a beat to skip to the drama. Since this is their first season running, we don't know too much about the overall story line, but what you can see does seem to be extremely interesting and thrilling. 
We quickly start to learn a bit about Callie and Jude's past, a budding relationship between Jesus and Lexi, a rocky relationship between Brandon and Talya, and a strained relationship between Mariana and her birthmother. We get to see Steph and Lena's reactions to all of the drama that begins to unfold with these teens plus deal with the typical stress of married life. I'm really excited to see what this show has in store and, this time, am glad I started watching from the beginning.

This new ABC Family show has done something that no other show I've seen before has even attempted. The premise of the show is that Danny Desai, supposedly a sociopath, has spent 5 years in juvie for murdering his Aunt Tara. In the time it took him to get out, his father supposedly died, leaving his mother with his childhood house. His childhood friends, Jo and Lacey, were left to pick up the pieces. Eventually, they part ways, only to reunite with the re-appearance of Danny, the "socio."
Every episode gives you a new perspective. Your theories about what could have happened to Regina, who really killed Regina, will constantly change with each episode. Questions like "Why did Danny kill his Aunt Tara?" and "Did Danny really kill his Aunt Tara?" constantly pop up in your mind. This show, much like the title, leaves your mind twisted.

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