Wednesday, June 26, 2013

#ProudToLove All of You

June 26, 2013 marks the day in history where equality in America FINALLY begins!

My morning ritual consists of snoozing my alarm clock about 50,000 times, then checking my phone to realize that I'm running late yet again, then opening up YouTube to browse through my subscriptions' uploads while I get ready for the day. TODAY something changed.
Sure, I snoozed my alarm several times, sure I checked my phone to see that I was running late, and sure I got on YouTube to check my subscriptions, but I also found a common theme among the vast majority of videos titled "#ProudToLove." Of course, June is Pride month and this week is Pride week on YouTube so, naturally, I was pleased to sit and listen to the voices of some of my favorite people on the internet. What I was not expecting was this.

I watched one video, then two, then three and you better believe there were all the feels. I laughed during some videos and teared up through some of the others. And even though at the end of each video, the YouTubers suggested that their subscribers make and upload their own videos, I was still too shy; too afraid.

I then go about my day, checking my instagram and twitter feed, and what do I find but the vote for Prop 8 was already announced: Prop 8 was dead.
Of course, I instantly googled the decision to confirm this reality and yes, it was REALITY.
I nearly cried right there as it all sank in.

I then scramble to make my appointments for the day, as I'm already running so far behind, and when I get home and check my twitter feed again, I find people posting that DOMA had been called unconstitutional as well.
I hurried up and fact checked all of this and yes, this is REALITY TOO.
This time, I really did cry.

I'm proud of California, the state in which I've lived my entire life. I'm proud of my fellow Americans for fighting for equal rights. I'm proud of America for finally being ready to start accepting those in the LGBTQ+ community. I'm proud of the very many YouTubers who fight the public eye every day in standing up for what's right and for being an inspiration to those of us who are fortunate enough to have stumbled upon and subscribed to their channels and routinely watch their videos. And I'm proud of everyone who can find it in their hearts to love other people, no matter how difficult that may be.

Thanks for reading this post. You can watch my video on YouTube by clicking the link. Remember: We have to be the change that we want to see.
I love you so much!


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