Saturday, June 8, 2013

LOVE Yourself

People often ask why this 'LOVE' bracelet that you can see on my wrist is "backwards" or "upside down." My reply might come off as a little strange, and I usually don't share the complete story, but I thought I would give it a go on this blog post.

Several years ago, as I visited Seaworld in San Diego, CA, I passed by this little booth where some people were engraving names on leather bracelets. I thought they looked really neat, but I didn't want my name on it, so I asked for them to write 'love' instead. I could tell they thought it was strange, since everyone else had asked for their own names, but I didn't really care.
Since then, I've worn this bracelet an awful lot, but the "normal" way (with the letters facing the outside of my arm and readable to everyone else). It had no meaning to me, except that I thought it was cool.
Years go by, things happened, and I lost sight of who I was and what I stood for. I stopped wearing the bracelet because it felt pointless and meaningless when the world seemed to be losing all love. Then I realized that true love really comes from within. I felt like there was no more love in the world because I stopped loving myself. I had spent years feeling terrible, hurting myself, and doing things to make other people happy even if it made me sad, and I didn't want to feel like that anymore.
I found this bracelet burried in my drawer and put it back on, but something didn't really sit right with me. Not until I revearsed it so the letters were facing me and placed on the inside of my wrist for me to read did I really find meaning in it. And even though it's just a bracelet, it helps remind me that I need to be looking out for myself too, that I need to love and care about myself too.

And even though this bracelet might change someday, the meaning behind it will always be there.


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