Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 2 - Success? | 30 Day Blog Challenge

Today's question is "Where would you like to be in 10 years?" 
Well, in 10 years, I will be 30 so that's still not very old. However, I can only hope to be somewhat successful in my life.

Yes, I know that the term "success" is completely subjective; everybody has their own idea of what success means to them.

I kind of define success multiple different ways, and maybe you do too, but it usually depends on one's own intentions. If we're talking about a YouTube channel, success might be receiving a certain amount of subscribers or certain number of views on a single video. But then you could get into questions like, "Well, is YouTube your primary source of income?" "Do you upload videos simply for fun?" What are your intentions?
If you intend to make YouTube your primary source of income, yet only receive 20+ views on each video (much like I do), you probably aren't a very "successful" YouTuber. HOWEVER, if you only upload whenever you want to, you have no schedule, and you don't particularly pay attention to how many views you get, and you're satisfied with this because you have some other financial support system for yourself, you could say that you're pretty "successful."

Going back to today's question, I do realize that it's not necessarily asking if I want to be successful. Actually, I could answer it literally and say that I'd like to be touring around England. But I chose to define "be" here as a position in life instead of a physical location.

So where would I like to be? I'd like to have a well-paying job that I love doing. I'd like to be able to support myself and live in either a good sized apartment or a cozy house. I'd like to have at least one small dog. I'd like to be on good terms with my family and friends. Maybe I'd even like to be in a relationship, if not already married or engaged.

These are things I'd like to have happen. Whether or not this will be a reality is completely up to me and how much I'm willing to fight for my dreams.

Excited for tomorrow's question. To find a link to the 30 Day Blog Challenge, click the link and it'll take you right to it.

Until tomorrow

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