Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 4 - Religion | 30 Day Blog Challenge

Today's blog challenge is to discuss our views on religion.

This post is going to be relatively short compared to some of my other posts. I do believe in a God. I believe that God loves all human beings unconditionally. I do believe there is a purpose to life, and part of that purpose is to find your own voice and your own expression in this world.

I do believe in accepting everyone regardless of what worldview they may have, whether they believe in a God or not.

I do not believe in forcing things and ideas onto other people or hating on other religions or worldviews.

I simply believe in love, acceptance, and peace among people (if that makes sense).

That'll be it for today's blog. Let me know your views on this topic!

As always, you can find the 30 Day Blog Challenge list by clicking the link.

Until tomorrow

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 3 - Pet Peeves | 30 Day Blog Challenge

Today's question is "What are your top 5 pet peeves?"

Personally, I'm kind of excited to answer this. I've been wanting to talk about my top pet peeves for a while now so this is the perfect opportunity to vent all that pent up ... I don't know ... frustration, I guess? Haha..

Most of my pet peeves are very similar to that of everyone else's, yet I find it hilarious how most people are annoyed by the same things while we all seem guilty of doing them... Odd, right?

Okay, #1: SMACKING YOUR FOOD - I understand the occasional bit of noise while chewing, especially if it's bubble gum or minty gum (whatever type of gum you decide to chew), but I find it less forgivable when it comes to food. You all probably know at least one person who does this. They take a bite of their food and then you hear SMACK-SMACK-SMACK like they're having their last meal or something. And I know this is horrible to say, but sometimes you just wanna reach over and hold their mouth shut until they finally learn how to chew properly.

#2 is an odd one. I'm sure everybody has a word (or multiple words) or a phrase that dries them mental. Well, mine is "Sensitive" when used to describe a person when he or she is feeling particularly hurt over something someone else said or did to them. My mother frequently calls me "Sensitive" when I talk about why some people in my life bother me, and the feeling that comes along with that word, I could imagine, would be similar to what your ears go through while listening to a nails-on-chalkboard track on repeat for about an hour. It literally gives me chills, and not the good kind. But I suppose you could say that I'm only being sensitive

#3 would be when people barge into my room without knocking, especially in the morning.  When I was younger, I used to be woken up by someone barging into my room super loudly and flipping on my light switch all the time, and there's only so much of that a person can take! Especially because I usually was running on a few hours of sleep per night, so waking me up so suddenly was not only irritating in itself, but it left me in a groggy, sort of bad mood for a couple hours after.

#4 is a more grown-up thing and it's when drivers don't turn on their signals when switching lanes, especially when you have to slam on your brakes in order to let them through. If you're one of these drivers, I'd advise you to cut that out right now. I feel like people don't fully comprehend the dangers of doing this, even with the blinker. There are a lot of potential accident risks, even if you turn on your blinker, but it's at least courtesy for cutting someone off. If I get cut off by another driver, I'm less likely to get upset if he or she used his signals properly. (P.S. I thought this pic could get my point across in a more visual way, haha..)

#5 finally are people who aren't specific while texting. Some things can be taken different ways with the use of punctuation. There have been so many misunderstandings between me and people who simply refuse to use basic punctuation such as "?" "," or "." while texting, so if we're ever having a conversation, please keep that in mind. It doesn't have to be used super correctly; just try. That's all I ask.

That is it for today's blog challenge. Now I wanna ask you (yes you, person reading this right now) what are your top 5 pet peeves? Do you agree with me on at least one of my personal pet peeves?

As always, you can find the 30 Day Blog Challenge list by clicking the link.

Until tomorrow

Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 2 - Success? | 30 Day Blog Challenge

Today's question is "Where would you like to be in 10 years?" 
Well, in 10 years, I will be 30 so that's still not very old. However, I can only hope to be somewhat successful in my life.

Yes, I know that the term "success" is completely subjective; everybody has their own idea of what success means to them.

I kind of define success multiple different ways, and maybe you do too, but it usually depends on one's own intentions. If we're talking about a YouTube channel, success might be receiving a certain amount of subscribers or certain number of views on a single video. But then you could get into questions like, "Well, is YouTube your primary source of income?" "Do you upload videos simply for fun?" What are your intentions?
If you intend to make YouTube your primary source of income, yet only receive 20+ views on each video (much like I do), you probably aren't a very "successful" YouTuber. HOWEVER, if you only upload whenever you want to, you have no schedule, and you don't particularly pay attention to how many views you get, and you're satisfied with this because you have some other financial support system for yourself, you could say that you're pretty "successful."

Going back to today's question, I do realize that it's not necessarily asking if I want to be successful. Actually, I could answer it literally and say that I'd like to be touring around England. But I chose to define "be" here as a position in life instead of a physical location.

So where would I like to be? I'd like to have a well-paying job that I love doing. I'd like to be able to support myself and live in either a good sized apartment or a cozy house. I'd like to have at least one small dog. I'd like to be on good terms with my family and friends. Maybe I'd even like to be in a relationship, if not already married or engaged.

These are things I'd like to have happen. Whether or not this will be a reality is completely up to me and how much I'm willing to fight for my dreams.

Excited for tomorrow's question. To find a link to the 30 Day Blog Challenge, click the link and it'll take you right to it.

Until tomorrow

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 1 - Relationships | 30 Day Blog Challenge

Today's challenge is "Share Your Relationship. If you're single, discuss being single." There's no easing into this challenge, is there? Just take a dive right into the deep end. Okay.

Yes, I'm single. I've been single for nearly 3 years now completely by choice.

I won't give specific details, but the last relationship I was in started out unhealthy and ended, a year after, even more unhealthy. I'd say the "fault" was about, if not exactly, 50/50. We were equally horrible to each other, just in different ways, and I've made a promise to myself that until I get everything sorted out, I won't let myself be in another relationship. 

How is the single life, you ask?

It's all right. There are times when I miss being in a relationship, but overall, it's ok. I don't go on dates; I'm not even looking to at the moment. If someone asks me out, I respectfully decline. But I won't say that I don't flirt from time to time, haha.

Overall, I want to wait until I feel mature enough to handle being in a relationship again. And if I ever meet someone who I think super likes me and I super like them back, the true test (for me) to see if they're really willing to be with me is if they're okay with waiting a bit until I'm fully okay with everything.

Apologies for being super-cryptic, but I'm not ready to fully discuss this topic just yet.

Can't wait for tomorrow's question! To find a link to the 30 Day Blog Challenge, click the link and it'll take you right to it.
Until tomorrow

The 30 Day Blog Challenge

If you haven't already heard (and depending on where you live, you might not have) The United States Supreme Court recently ruled DOMA unconstitutional (which is the Defense of Marriage Act which basically holds to the mistaken belief that if two same-sex couples are allowed their right to get married, the "sanctity" of straight couple's marriages would be, somehow, destroyed). Thus begins the turning over a new leaf for this country!

In honor of this monumental event in history, I've decided to embark on my own "turning over a new leaf" journey and the most appropriate way I figured was to start a 30 Day Blog Challenge for myself.

A little bit about myself, I tend to find myself generally unmotivated unless something big happens and it's time to kick this habit to the curb! Now, research has shown that in order for a habit to develop, one should typically keep up said habit for at LEAST 30 days and I thought it was just so convenient that I ran into a 30 Day Blog Challenge that someone pinned to Pintrest (You can find the list for yourself by clicking that link).

By completing this challenge, I hope to gain more motivation in my life and maybe some self-discovery along the way.

My posts are completely of my own opinion, but if you've stumbled upon this, feel free to take the challenge yourself or comment your own answer.

The reason why I'm starting this today instead of waiting til the new month begins is more symbolic for me; by the time I'm through, it will mark exactly one month since the Supreme Court's decision.

So, without further ado, let the blogging begin :)


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

#ProudToLove All of You

June 26, 2013 marks the day in history where equality in America FINALLY begins!

My morning ritual consists of snoozing my alarm clock about 50,000 times, then checking my phone to realize that I'm running late yet again, then opening up YouTube to browse through my subscriptions' uploads while I get ready for the day. TODAY something changed.
Sure, I snoozed my alarm several times, sure I checked my phone to see that I was running late, and sure I got on YouTube to check my subscriptions, but I also found a common theme among the vast majority of videos titled "#ProudToLove." Of course, June is Pride month and this week is Pride week on YouTube so, naturally, I was pleased to sit and listen to the voices of some of my favorite people on the internet. What I was not expecting was this.

I watched one video, then two, then three and you better believe there were all the feels. I laughed during some videos and teared up through some of the others. And even though at the end of each video, the YouTubers suggested that their subscribers make and upload their own videos, I was still too shy; too afraid.

I then go about my day, checking my instagram and twitter feed, and what do I find but the vote for Prop 8 was already announced: Prop 8 was dead.
Of course, I instantly googled the decision to confirm this reality and yes, it was REALITY.
I nearly cried right there as it all sank in.

I then scramble to make my appointments for the day, as I'm already running so far behind, and when I get home and check my twitter feed again, I find people posting that DOMA had been called unconstitutional as well.
I hurried up and fact checked all of this and yes, this is REALITY TOO.
This time, I really did cry.

I'm proud of California, the state in which I've lived my entire life. I'm proud of my fellow Americans for fighting for equal rights. I'm proud of America for finally being ready to start accepting those in the LGBTQ+ community. I'm proud of the very many YouTubers who fight the public eye every day in standing up for what's right and for being an inspiration to those of us who are fortunate enough to have stumbled upon and subscribed to their channels and routinely watch their videos. And I'm proud of everyone who can find it in their hearts to love other people, no matter how difficult that may be.

Thanks for reading this post. You can watch my video on YouTube by clicking the link. Remember: We have to be the change that we want to see.
I love you so much!


Saturday, June 8, 2013

LOVE Yourself

People often ask why this 'LOVE' bracelet that you can see on my wrist is "backwards" or "upside down." My reply might come off as a little strange, and I usually don't share the complete story, but I thought I would give it a go on this blog post.

Several years ago, as I visited Seaworld in San Diego, CA, I passed by this little booth where some people were engraving names on leather bracelets. I thought they looked really neat, but I didn't want my name on it, so I asked for them to write 'love' instead. I could tell they thought it was strange, since everyone else had asked for their own names, but I didn't really care.
Since then, I've worn this bracelet an awful lot, but the "normal" way (with the letters facing the outside of my arm and readable to everyone else). It had no meaning to me, except that I thought it was cool.
Years go by, things happened, and I lost sight of who I was and what I stood for. I stopped wearing the bracelet because it felt pointless and meaningless when the world seemed to be losing all love. Then I realized that true love really comes from within. I felt like there was no more love in the world because I stopped loving myself. I had spent years feeling terrible, hurting myself, and doing things to make other people happy even if it made me sad, and I didn't want to feel like that anymore.
I found this bracelet burried in my drawer and put it back on, but something didn't really sit right with me. Not until I revearsed it so the letters were facing me and placed on the inside of my wrist for me to read did I really find meaning in it. And even though it's just a bracelet, it helps remind me that I need to be looking out for myself too, that I need to love and care about myself too.

And even though this bracelet might change someday, the meaning behind it will always be there.


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